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====== WELCOME ====== This is my recipe site. I put new recipes I find on the Internet as well as ones I have cooked and improved. Feel free to try them and please comment on them by using the discussion tab for the recipe. To comment though you need to become a [[http://recipes.bilancio.org/doku.php/recipes?do=register|user]] of the wiki site we also allow logging in with an OpenID account. The Recipes are broken down in the following catagories: [[recipes:starters|Starters]], [[recipes:salads|Salads]], [[recipes:sauces|Sauces]], [[recipes:entrees|Entrees]], [[recipes:bread|Bread]], [[recipes:desserts|Desserts]] Enjoy the recipes and if you have any that you think I would like send them to me at wbilancio \at\ bilancio \dot\ org. Enjoy.... William Bilancio

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